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Schulungen & Workshops


Next dates:

Monday,   19. Oktober     2020  Dallenwil           (D)   Tidying-Workshop for women       Sign up here

Tuesday,   3. November   2020  Grosswangen   (D)   Tidying-Workshop for women       Sign up here

Saturday,   7. November  2020  Luzern              (EN) Yoga for body, mind and closet    

Tuesday, 17. November   2020  Beckenried       (D)   Tidying-Workshop for women       Sign up here

Wednesday, 13. Januar   2021  Hildisrieden      (D)   Tidying-Workshop for women       

Friday,     12. März           2021  Alpnach            (D)   Tidying-Workshop for women       

How can I live simple and more eco-friendly without throwing my life overboard? What is a tidying consultant and which hacks does she work with?

I show you how it's done!

Be it in a short input speech during your event, an all-day-course for your employees or an after-work workshop at the office with your co-workers:

My presentations, classes and workshops are tailored to the needs of the target audience and show you how you can make more room in your everyday life with small steps - for you and for everything that matters to you.

Contact me today, let's chat about your event.

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