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What is this KonMari™ method?

The KonMari™-method is a guideline on how to declutter and store your belongings once and for all, sustainably and lasting, so that you will never have to declutter again. As a result, you will only own things that are valuable to you and you will have more space available because you own less things in total. All of your belongings will find a place where they belong, a "home". This way, tidiness happens almost by itself.

But how?

You only keep the items that make you happy, are highly functional to you or that need to be kept for legal reasons (contracts, tax documents...)

Sounds strange? Maybe. But it works – and it's worth it!




In order not to forget anything, we work through your belongings in categories. One by one, you take them into your hands and ask yourself: "Does this spark joy?"

If it does, you keep it. If it doesn't, you discard it.


It's simple. You still have some questions? Find the answer in Marie Kondo's books or contact me to book a noncommittal consultation. You won't regret it!


The woman behind the KonMari™ method

Marie Kondo (nickname KonMari) is a Japanese woman who has been devoting herself to organising and tidying since the young age of five. As the years passed by, Marie developed a method to get a well-organised home that remains tidy - almost by itself. The method became very popular, so she wrote a book about it. It sold over eight million times and has to date been translated into 41 languages.

To meet the large demand for personal tidying lessons, Marie Kondo now trains people across the globe to become  KonMari™ consultants. Marie Kondo is 33 years old and lives with her family in the United States.


So I can just read the books...

Yes, there are people who read the books and declutter everything by themselves.

Others, however, are terrified of the mere thought of gathering all their clothes in one spot. Therefore, they are looking for someone to support them, who actively works with them towards their goal and who makes sure that they don't get lost in the process (or the pile of clothes).

Then, there are those who have started the decluttering process by themselves but don't make progress anymore or feel that the mess is bigger than before they started.

Yet another type of people gets distracted easily and therefore gets stuck. In those cases, a tidying coach makes sure to keep up the focus in order to proceed more effectively.

And then there's people who have very little time on their hands and want to work as efficiently as possible...


The reasons for hiring a tidying coach are as diverse as people - contact me and we'll find out together whether a consultation with a tidying coach is the right thing for you!

What is a KonMari™ consultant?

A KonMari™ consultant is a tidying coach working according to the KonMari™ method. Certified KonMari™ consultants have decluttered their own belongings, have attended the multi-day seminar by Marie Kondo, have reached the necessary amount of practice sessions and have passed the certification process inlcuding an exam. I have been certified since 2019 and support you on your way to more lightness. Contact me so we can get to know each other and find out, how I can best support you.

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