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Aufräumcoachig nach Konmari


What does a tidying coach do?


I come to your home and guide you through the systematic decluttering of your belongings so staying tidy becomes a breeze. After the decluttering is done, we apply a storage system that is both convenient for you and a pleasure for your eyes. On demand, I gladly help you to sell, dispose of, recycle or donate the items you no longer want to keep. I also provide support when optimising your storage space or upgrading your interior design.

You are the one who decides what to keep and what to part with - always. My role as a tidying coach is to support you in the decision-making process by asking the right questions and by helping you change the perspective when needed. This way you will make the decision which is right for you.


Constantly deciding can be tiring - I'll make sure that you won't lose courage and patience but stay in a good mood, reach your goals and that the decluttering is structured reasonably.

When does hiring a tidying coach make sense?

  • When you want to declutter/tidy properly, comprehensively, thoroughly and sustainably so you will never have do declutter again

  • When you are short of time and want to work as efficiently as possible

  • When already the thought of decluttering/tidying is gruesome to you

  • When you tend to get lost in the process (or the pile of clothing...)

  • When you started decluttering/tidying but don't make progress

  • When you don't know how to proceed

  • When you don't want to do it alone but don't want to ask someone close to you, either

The reasons for hiring a tidying coach are as diverse as we are as people – contact me without commitment and we'll find out together if it's the right thing for you!

The benefits of my coaching

A tidying coach is just like a personal trainer: a personal trainer helps you to get your body in shape and I help you to get your home in shape.

When working with me, you

  • make the most efficient use of your time: you don't have to do your own research and waste your time trying out different methods, taking detours and searching for answers to upcoming questions. You profit from my experience and get the best possible time-result-ratio.

  • won't get lost or distracted. I will make sure you keep your focus during our sessions and inbetween them. But don't fret, we design the work schedule together and make sure it fits into your life, so no boot camp unless that's what you are looking for

  • will get tailor-made advice on how you can make the best use out of the storage space you have or how it can be enhanced with very little effort. If you ask nicely, I might even help you build in drawers :-)

  • will get helpful ideas on how to further simplify your life after the decluttering is done (e.g. how you find out what you still need to reach an optimal composition of your personal wardrobe)

  • will profit of my broad knowledge about topics such as waste disposal, recycling and donating and support you in the process of getting rid of things.

What does a tidying coach NOT do?


Clean. A tidying coach is not a housekeeper (my talent in cleaning is limited, anyways...).

Tidy your home for you. You are looking for someone to pick up your dirty socks and put the cereals back into the pantry while you're away? In that case, a tidying coach is not the right thing for you. A tidying coach enters your home only when you are there and helps you declutter and tidy your belongings in such a way that your home doesn't get messy anymore afterwards. Your dirty socks will still have to be picked up, though ;-)

Declutter/tidy for you. Only you can decide which items are sparking joy for you and which aren't. I therefore never work alone, you are always there with me.


Sell you things. My support is a service that you can employ without any previous knowledge and I do not sell any products.

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