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S.B. (m), 41, Zug

«Yesterday we had a really nice day!!! Thank you for the very helpful, and as I think, target-aimed companionship and support as well as the tireless asking of the right questions 😊. Conclusion: about 50kg paper for recycling & approx. 15kg with selling potential = a lot of air. I did not expect that 😎»

K.H. (f), 32, Zurich

«Thanks to Isabelle and her tidying coaching I have finally freed myself of everything that has almost been smothering me for so long.

She has the ability to feel when and how she needs to combine consistency and tenacity with patience and sensitivity. Because of that, I achieved what I believed to be impossible: my home is not only tidy, but contains only things that make me happy and that I now truly appreciate.

My consuming has become more conscious, I treat the things I own with more care and I live a more conscious and mindful life altogether. I have already learned so much about myself and about what makes me truly happy, without Isabelle I would have never gone down that road with such a consistency and such an overwhelming success.

Until recently, I felt guilty when discarding items that I didn't need but had some sort of sentimental worth or were new. Thanks to my tidying coach I feel authorized and can let these items go with gratitude for the lesson that this item has taught me. Thank you!»

S.B. (f), 29, Hergiswil

Thanks to Isabelle's help I was able to declutter and properly organize my whole apartment - a beautifully freeing feeling. Thank you very much for your motivational support which I can absolutely recommend.

A.N. (f), 28, Zug

«I read Marie Kondo's book and euphorically started to tidy up my home by myself. After clothing, books and papers I started to get "creative", tidied up here and there, eventually lost track and with it my motivation. I didn't have the energy to continue by myself. Isabelle came over, helped me get motivated again and I got back into the tidying flow. I showed her my previous accomplishments and she gave me valuable advice on how I could optimise these even further.

At the beginning I felt uncomfortable showing her how many unnecessary things I have accumulated. But Isabelle was very professional and so I quickly laid aside the embarrassment and fully focused on decluttering. Apparently, lots of clients feel this way.

Now I not only know where to put my things but also where the discarded items should go. Throwing everything in the trash was too radical for me. Isabelle had many suggestions on where my old stuff could still be of use (no family members, no friends, that's how I would have done it in the past). It made it easier for me to part with those items, as they didn't just end up on the dumping ground but often were welcomed with open arms. True spark-joy moments!

When it came to organizing the remaining posessions, her view as an outsider was very important for me, since we all tend to get caught in our habits.

Isabelle asked the right questions and she brought in new ideas on how to organise the available space that were way more efficient than mine. "Storage is temporary" is a mindset that I didn't know before and that helped me a great deal. It was an awesome process and I am glad, that Isabelle has supported me through it. Thank you very much!»

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